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AR's 16,000 W Power Amplifier Voted One Of The EMC Products Of the Year at EMC Live 2015

16000A225Souderton, PA — May 12, 2015 — At EMC Live 2015, engineers from around the globe had the chance to vote for the new product that represents the biggest breakthrough in the EMC market. Over 30 entries from the world of EMI/EMC (Electromagnetic Interference / Compatibility) were received including EMC test amplifiers, signal analyzers, spectrum analyzers, EMI receivers, probes, EMI shielding, EMI Filters, transient protection devices and more. The more than 7,000 registrants and attendees were asked to choose their top picks.

When the votes were tabulated, AR was awarded a third place finish . The AR product that so many considered the year's best EMC product is a 16,000 W, 10 kHz to 225 MHz RF power amplifier that has become the industry standard for conducting radiated immunity testing for entire automobiles and other large UUTs, the AR model 16000A225.

During the past year there has been a significant amount of innovation in the EMC market. To have a product that's been recognized as one of the most innovative and breakthrough in a field that includes so many remarkable products, is an honor and a great reflection on the many talented people of AR.

About EMC Live 2015
EMC Live is a 3-day online event of webinars, roundtables, videos and panel discussions bringing practical EMI / EMC knowledge and solutions to engineers around the world. The event took place April 28 – 30, 2015, attracting over 7,000 EMC professionals from around the world.

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