What's New At AR

New Class A Amplifier Design, 600 Watt CW, 10 kHz - 400 MHz

The new 600A400 instantaneously covers a frequency range of 10kHz – 400MHz with a minimum of 600 watts RF power from 0.1-250MHz, 500 watts of RF power from 250MHz-400MHz.  It provides readily available RF power for typical applications such as RF susceptibility testing to Military/aviation/automotive/commercial standards, antenna and component testing, testing of components and subsystems for digital communications, EW and research and development.


New Solid State Amplifier, 100 Watt CW, 4 kHz - 400 MHz for BCI Testing

The 100A400AM20 is a new Class A amplifier design ideal for Radiated and Conducted immunity testing. It instantaneously covers a frequency range of 4kHz – 400MHz with a rated output power of 10 watts minimum at 4kHz rising to 100 watts minimum at 100kHz, and 125 watts typical; 100 watts minimum from 100kHz – 400 MHz.


New Pulsed Amplifier Provides Up to 8,000 Watts

AR’s 8000SP1G2 broadband solid state microwave pulsed amplifier provides 4,000 watts of output power from 1 to 2 GHz. It’s designed for short pulse applications at low duty factors where instantaneous bandwidth and high gain are required. This makes it ideal for pulsed radiated susceptibility testing to MIL-STD-464 and DO-160G Section 20 requirements. 


New Shielded Enclosure Leak Detection System (SELDS)

The AR model CL-105A/CL-106A Shielded Enclosure Leak Detection System (SELDS) provides a convenient means of testing the electromagnetic shielding effectiveness of EMI enclosures.  The system consists of a transmitter, receiver, headphones and rugged carrying case. The incredible sensitivity of the receiver allows it to meet the most rigid MIL standards (e.g. MIL-STD-188/125) for shielded room acceptance.  The system features a digital readout display and auto-zeros for reduced setup time.


100 kHz-1000 MHz U Series Amplifier, Now Up To 250 Watts!

AR’s new family of “U” (Universal) Series RF solid state Class A power amplifiers now includes a 250 Watt model that covers the 100 kHz-1000 MHz frequency range. These amplifiers are ideal for EMC, laboratory use, antenna & component testing, watt meter calibration, medical/physics research, and more. This compact, high performance & affordable amplifier joins a family of products available in 1, 2.5, 10, 25, and 50 watt output levels that covers 10kHz to 1000 MHz.


AR’s Hybrid Power Modules, Now To 100 Watts

700 MHz to 6 GHz Single Band Units - Now you can have Class A designs when linearity is the driving force, as in EMC and wireless applications OR Class AB designs when increased power and efficiency is paramount for EW applications and reliability stress screening. Modular designs now provide up to 50 watts Class A and 100 watts Pout Class AB. Benchtop units can output up to 500 watts CW.


New Products Available in the 2nd Half of 2018 Catalog

RF Power Amplifiers

125A250  ::  125 Watt CW, 10 kHz - 250 MHz
150/150AW1000  ::  150/150 Watt CW, 10kHz - 1000 MHz
150A100D  ::  150 Watt CW, 10 kHz - 100 MHz RF Power Amplifier
(w/ DCP, IEEE & RS-232 interfaces)
250U1000  ::  250 Watt CW, 100 kHz - 1000 MHz

Microwave Solid State Amplifiers

15/20S1G18B  ::  15/20 Watt CW, 0.7 - 18 GHz
15/40S1G18A  ::  15/40 Watt CW, 0.7 - 18 GHz
175S1G6  ::  175 Watts CW, 0.7 - 6 GHz
20S6G18-L  ::  20 Watt CW, 6 - 18GHz, Liquid Cooled
30/20S1G18B  ::  30/20 Watt CW, 0.7 - 18 GHz
30/40S1G18B  ::  30/40 Watt CW, 0.7 - 18 GHz
40S6G18-L  ::  40 Watt CW, 6 - 18 GHz, Liquid Cooled
60/20S1G18B  ::  60/20 Watt CW, 0.7 - 18 GHz
60/40S1G18B  ::  60/40 Watt CW, 0.7 - 18 GHz


ATT700M8G  ::  700 MHz – 7.5 GHz, up to 1200 Watts, Trapezoidal Log Periodic Antenna

Bulk Current Injection Automotive, IEC 61000-4-6, MIL-STD 461 and DO160

CI00402  ::  RF Conducted Immunity Generator with a 100 watt power amplifier with a frequency range of 9 kHz - 400 MHz. Includes a signal generator, spectrum analyzer, external directional coupler and AR emcware control software. Meets MIL-STD 461 and DO160 standards.

Hybrid Power Modules (HPM)

100HM1G6AB-50  ::  100 Watt CW, 50 dB Gain, 1 - 6 GHz
50HM1G6-47  ::  50 Watt, 47 dB Gain, 0.7 - 6 GHz

Legacy RF Power Amplifiers

40/100A400  ::  40/100 Watt CW, 10Hz - 400 MHz