Dual-Band, Class A Solid State Amplifiers

Dual Band Amplifiers

We put two of our state of the art Class A CW amplifiers in a single chassis to address your needs and provide an easy to use amplifier system. With AR's Dual Band Amplifiers, you have freedom like never before.

The Dual-Band Amplifiers combine two amplifiers in one package, enabling you to cover a wider frequency with one dual-band amp that costs less, weighs less and requires less space than two solid state individual amplifiers.

Our Dual-Band amplifiers are Mismatch Tolerant, providing 100% of rated power without foldback. These amplifiers can be used for EMC, EW and other applications because they are linear and extremely load tolerant. They will operate without damage or oscillation with any magnitude and phase of source and load impedance.

All our Amplifiers have modulation capability that will faithfully reproduce AM, FM or Pulse Modulation appearing on the input signal. The AM peak envelope power is limited to specified power.

    Some Benefits To Our Customers Are:
  • Single unit eliminates need for external switches, resulting in less complexity & lower unit cost
  • Simplify setup and improve throughput by not having to change antenna, coupler, or control interface
  • Single unit more compact when space is an issue
  • Less bulk and weight results in easier handling
  • No foldback provides the maximum power to the load – you get the power you paid for
  • Future upgradability results in lower upgrade costs on select models

From 700 MHz To 18 GHz “S” Series Solid State Dual-Band Amplifiers

These dual band units supply you with up to 60 W in the first 0.7-6 GHz band split and up to 40 W output power in the 6-18 GHz split. A few of the applications benefiting from these models include immunity testing, EW, calibration, R&D, and material testing.

These versatile dual-band amplifiers also have the flexibility to be upgraded to higher power levels for each specific frequency range.

From 10 Hz To 1000 MHz Solid State Dual-Band Amplifiers

Applications specific dual band amplifiers that are ready for the job! With AR’s state-of-the-art design capabilities, these dual band amplifiers will help the user be more productive while watching the bottom line. Capabilities allow us to combine the best of our single band amplifiers to exceed requirements of standards such as near-field immunity, IEC EN61000, and Mil-Std 461 CS114 Navy.

Product Listing

15/20S1G18B :: 15/20 W, 0.7 GHz-18 GHz

15/40S1G18A :: 15/40 W, 0.7 GHz-18 GHz

30/20S1G18B :: 30/20 W CW, 0.7 - 18 GHz

30/40S1G18B :: 30/40 W, 0.7 GHz-18 GHz

60/20S1G18B :: 60/20 W CW, 0.7 - 18 GHz

60/40S1G18B :: 60/40 W CW, 0.7 - 18 GHz

150/150AW1000 :: 150/150 W CW, 10kHz - 1000 MHz