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What is EMC Testing

What is EMC Testing?

EMC Testing Definition/Description:

EMC is an acronym for Electro Magnetic Compatibility.  All electronic devices have the potential to emit and be susceptible to electromagnetic fields. With the proliferation of electronic devices into everyday life there is a huge potential for devices to interfere with each other.  No electrical product or installation’s design can be considered complete unless all aspects of EMC are taken into account. This is not only important for common products such as television sets, computers, washing machines, etc.; it is especially important for complex products such as vehicles, aircraft, ships and large industrial installations. These are very sensitive to EMC problems. Compatibility testing allows you to observe the interaction of all electrical and electronic equipment operating in the same environment. 

EMC Testing is a long term investment since it provides evidence that your product complies with relevant EMC regulations and directive(s). After a successful test program, you can be confident that your product’s reliability will be increased, thus reducing warranty issues and servicing costs, and encouraging brand loyalty. Testing also highlights potential issues or problems with the product that can be fixed before production.  Having the right EMC test equipment and design provided by a reliable strategic partner can play a key role in the long term success of your product.

AR is a leader in EMC testing

AR is the leader in providing test equipment for EMC testing requirements. AR has equipment to test Conducted and Radiated Immunity and also Conducted and Radiated Emissions. AR has multiple systems to satisfy the needs of your EMC testing requirements.

EMC Test System expertise includes the ability to develop both emissions and immunity testing systems. In areas of immunity testing, AR systems are designed to operate through a frequency range that extends from DC to 40 GHz, in compliance with stringent standards such as: MIL-STD-461F and DO-160G. EMC immunity test systems are also designed to comply with standards in all major sectors such as: military, aviation, automotive, and consumer product testing. AR’s EMC Emissions test systems are also designed to comply with standards within those sectors as well as covering a frequency range from 20 Hz to 40 GHz.  In both immunity systems AR deploys its cutting edge products such as the MT06000A Multi-tone test system.  AR is the business partner that can not only provide you with the test systems but also unparalleled engineering experience, service and warrantees to assist you today and tomorrow. 

Useful EMC testing links

AR has developed four helpful posters that describe automotive RF immunity testing , Radiated and Conducted Immunity test requirements, amplifier fundamental specifications and EMC testing ‘tools of the trade’.  These provide conversion charts and antenna equations.