DSP Receiver - MultiStar - DER2018

Introducing the NEW Precision DSP Receiver. Amazing Speed, Incredible Accuracy.

20 Hz-18 GHz Digital EMI Receiver, Expandable to 40 GHz with the CFE1840 Down Converter

The DER2018 is a state-of-the-art DSP-based emissions receiver with an integrated computer capable of reducing your valuable test time from days to minutes. It is extremely easy to operate with all functions menu driven and displayed on a supplied 23" widescreen monitor.

receiverThis digital receiver offers continuous coverage from 20 Hz to 18 GHz with an instantaneous bandwidth of 140 MHz. Peak, Quasi-peak, Average, and RMS-Average detections are processed simultaneously up to 8,192 frequency points and interpolated with a proprietary algorithm to allow scans in seconds, catch short duration transient disturbances, and identify emissions using a fast time-base 3-D display. This receiver combines state-of-the-art sensitivity, dynamic range, accuracy and convenience of operation

The MultiStar Precision DSP Receiver system includes a built-in computer and interfaces with standard data storage, high resolution video devices and features a removable hard drive. A 23" widescreen monitor, keyboard and mouse are included.

    Emission Testing Solutions to the following standards:
  • MIL-STD-461
  • DO160
  • CISPR 11/EN 55011
  • CISPR 22/EN55022
  • CISPR 14/EN55014
  • FCC Part 15
    140 MHz-wide, pre-selected, instantaneous bandwidth*
  • Easy to use - all functions easily accessible through a graphical user interface.
  • PEAK, QUASI-PEAK, AVERAGE, and RMS-AVERAGE detections are processed simultaneously at up to 8,192 frequency points and interpolated using a proprietary algorithm. These features enable the user to:
    • Display and record detector results as continuous spectra with 1 Hz resolution
    • Sweep 9 kHz - 30 MHz (CISPR bands A & B) in 2 seconds with all CISPR detectors
    • Process 30 - 1000 MHz (CISPR bands C & D) in 7 seconds with all CISPR detectors
    • Reduce multi-day tasks to minutes
    • Catch short-duration transient disturbances
    • Identify emissions using fast time-base 3-D display
    • Internal wide band noise source expedites periodic checking of the receiver's amplitude response.
    • Capability for user to set up, and save for future use, all of the needed test parameters including limit lines, start/stop frequencies, IF bandwidth, samples per bandwidth, dwell time at each frequency, transducer correction table, input attenuation, units to be used for the displayed level units, and more.

* 140 MHz instantaneous bandwidth is available in CISPR bands C, D and E with -6dB resolution bandwidth >= 50 kHz. The entire CISPR bands A and B are covered instantaneously with -6dB bandwidths at least 100 Hz and 9 kHz respectively. With narrower resolution bandwidth settings, the instantaneous bandwidth is proportionally reduced.

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The One Receiver That Catches Short Duration Disturbances and Scans in Seconds

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