ampwebwARe - Web Enabled Amplifier Control

AR Web Enabled Amplifiers

Built-In Web Control

ampwebware screenshot
Example Layout of ampwebwARe

AR's web enabled amplifiers give you the capability to monitor and control your amplifier remotely without needing your own software. If the user switches to 'remote’, the front panel locks and the user can control the amplifier from a web page via ethernet connection. Through this web page, you can view the output power the amplifier is generating, the hours of operation, manage all the controls remotely that are normally done from the front panel of the amplifier and much more. Features include:

  • All Information Shown on One Screen
  • Simple User Interface
  • Allows for Remote Diagnostics
  • Monitor status from anywhere
  • Multiple Simultaneous Browser Connections
  • Many Web Browsers Supported

The user will get optimal use of their amplifier with this new software. You can monitor the health of the amplifier, how often it is being used and when it may need service.

View our resource on ampwebwARe for full details on controlling your AR amplifier remotely.

Web Enabled Amplifier With Rob Rowe