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AR's Newly-Revised 600A225 Amplifier Is Smaller And More Powerful

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation Adds New Applications Engineer

New Product Catalog Available From AR

AR Hybrid Power Modules (HPM's) Cover 4 - 18 GHz Bandwidth With High Output Power

AR's New Dual Band Amplifiers Break Down Old Barriers

AR Adds New, “Smart” Electric Field Probe To Its Line Of Star Probe

New, Completely Automated Radiated Immunity Test System For MIL-STD 461 Testing Now Available From AR

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation Among Top Ten Downloads On RF Globalnet For 2010

AR Delivers 16,000 Watt Solid-State Power Amplifier

AR Continues To Pack More Power Into Smaller, Compact "S" Series Amplifiers

AR Updates EMC Test Software For Radiated Susceptibility and Conducted Immunity Testing

New AR Laser Field Probes Are So Versatile, Each Does The Work Of Several Probes

New Antenna From AR Is Approximately 75% Smaller With No Reduction In Key Electrical Performance

AR's New All-In-One Catalog Is The Ultimate Resource For RF And EMC Testing

AR Appoints Joseph Diesso Marketing Manager of AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation

AR Pulse Probe Approved For FORD-EMC-CS-2009 Specification

AR’s Orange Book Of Knowledge Among Top 10 Downloads in 2009

New 3-Channel Power Meter From AR Features High-Speed Measurement Capability and Wide Range

AR Releases New Edition Of SW1007 EMC Software

AR’s Impulse Generator, Leak Detector and Noise Meter Represent The Next Wave in EMC Testing

AR’s New “A” Series Amplifiers Are Smaller, More Powerful, And More Economical

AR Introduces New Antenna Mounting Adaptors

New Family of Reduced-Price Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers

AR Introduces New Wideband, High Gain Stacked Log Periodic Antenna

New “S” Series Solid-State Amplifiers From AR Pack More Power Into Smaller Packages

New AR Conducted Immunity Test Kits Include All Accessories

AR Releases Orange Book of Knowledge 3rd Edition

AR Unveils New Line of Hybrid Power Amplifier Modules & Custom Design Solutions

Jim Maginn Named President of AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation

AR Introduces State-of-the-Art RF Radiated Immunity System

AR Celebrates 40th Anniversary

AR Introduces The First Model In Its New "A" Series Solid State Amplifiers with Expanded Coverage Down to 10 kHz

AR Application Note on “Subampability” Ranks Among Top 10 Downloads of 2008 on RF Globalnet

New Video and Literature Provide Detailed Look at AR Companies

AR Receiver Systems’ CER2018A Receiver Is Now CISPR-Approved

New Pulse Probe From AR Provides Fast, Accurate Measurement of Pulse Fields in Radiated Immunity Testing

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation Offers New Literature On Its State-of-the-Art Antennas for EMC and RF Testing

New RF Conducted Immunity System From AR Tests To All Automotive Specifications

AR Introduces New Suite of Antennas For HIRF Testing

AR Announces New Customer Support Manager

AR Introduces New Version of Virtual Field Monitor

Three New Series of Microwave Coaxial Cables From AR

AR Introduces Two New Antennas For RFI/EMI Field Testing

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation Announces Appointment of Bud Osthaus as Microwave Design Specialist

AR Extends Frequency Of “Bent Element” Log Periodic Antenna To 6 GHz

The A3 Family of RF Amplifiers From AR Offers Unique Impedance-Matching Capabilities

AR Introduces 350-Watt, 10 Hz - 1 MHz Magnetic Immunity Amplifier

AR's New S10G20A Amplifiers' New Design Offers Excellent Price-Performance Ratio

AR Laser Probes Now Come Standard With An A2LA Accredited, NIST Traceable Calibration At No Extra Charge

AR’s “S4G11” Series Amplifiers Cover The 4 – 10.6 GHz Range With a Variety of Power Options

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation Names Nic du Toit Engineering Manager

AR Offers Free Upgrade For Field Monitor Model FM7004

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation Web Site Now Features Demonstration Videos of Products/Systems and Important Information

The AR “Orange Book of Knowledge” Now Available Free

New Family Of Amplifiers From AR Covers The 4 – 8 GHz Range With Precision, Performance And Multiple Power Options

AR Test "Systems" Can Make EMC And RF Testing Easier, Faster And Extremely Dependable

AR's New "S" Series Solid-State Amplifier Covers 10 - 20 GHz Frequency Range

AR RF Microwave Instrumentation $2.2 Million Building Expansion Completed

Tom Eichelberger Named Regional Sales Manager Of AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation

AR’s “Subampability” Concept Lets You Upgrade To Higher Power With Existing Amplifiers

AR Invites Customers To Trade-In Field Monitoring Equipment And Save Up To 30% On New Advanced Probes And Monitors

New Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers From AR
Deliver 125 Watts Across 18 - 40 GHz Frequency Band

AR Adds New Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers For More
Power Choices Across 18 - 40 GHz Frequency Band

AR Offers More Power Choices

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation Turns Up The Power
On Its Hybrid Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers

AR Adds World’s First 18 GHz Laser Probe
To Family Of Laser-Powered E-Field Probes

AR Redesigns Laser Probe to
Meet New IEC 6 GHz Requirement

AR Creates Smaller, High-Power Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation Announces Appointment
of New CEO And Several Organizational Changes

Changes In IEC 61000-4-3 Test Standards Raise Questions For EMC Test Labs.

AR RF Microwave Instrumentation Introduces Scalable Power Amplifiers

AR “S” Series Amplifiers Ideal For Testing WiMAX Output Devices

AR Companies Unite To Offer Breadth &
Depth Of Services Unequalled In The Industry

New Amplifier From AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation
Allows Users To Select Output Impedance

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation Introduces
Two New Amplifiers For Emerging WiMax Applications

AR Takes Integration To A New Level With Highly
Sophisticated New Radiated Susceptibility Test System

AR Offers More Amplifiers With More Frequency/Power Combinations And “Gigs Galore.” From 0.8 GHz to 40 GHz and everything in between.

AR Adds Three High-Power, 1500-Watt Models
To Its Family Of Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers

Donald Shepherd, President of AR, Named SBA’s 2005
“Exporter of the Year” For Eastern Pennsylvania

New AR RF Amplifier Expands Power Options
In High Frequency Line

AR Turns Up The Power On Its S Series Amplifiers

AR Expands RF Amplifier Line With
Introduction Of 1000-Watt Model 1000A250

AR Launches New Line Of E or H Field Probes
And A Technologically Advanced Field Monitor

AR Introduces Laser-Powered E-Field Probe
That Is Light Years Ahead Of The Competition

New Field Monitor From AR Automatically Adapts
To Work With Laser Or Battery-Powered E&H Field Probes

AR Ethernet Adapter Allows AR Products
To Be Remotely Monitored & Controlled

New Compact, High-Power Microwave Horn Antenna from AR
Supplies High-Intensity Fields For RFI/EMI Field Testing

AR Introduces Two Radar Pulse Antennas To Address High Pulsed
Field Level Requirements At Both The Highest & Lowest Frequency Bands

Brennan Associates To Represent AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation
in Florida and Georgia

AR Introduces Software For Compliant Testing
To MIL-STD 461/462 And DO 160

New AR 10 Watt Broadband Amplifier
For Low Power, High Frequency Applications

Antenna Positioner Now Available For AR’s Antennas AT2526 And AT5026

New Dual Band Traveling Wave Tube Microwave Amplifier Simulates 600V/m Radar Pulse To Meet GM And Ford Specs

AR: New Name Reflects New Commitment And New Corporate Structure

New 500 Watt AR Amplifier Covers 100 kHz – 250 MHz
And Offers Easier Serviceability

Two AR Amplifiers Provide Wide Range of Power and Bandwidth For High Power EMC and Wireless and Communication Components

AR Helps Mold The Leaders of Tomorrow Through Its Involvement With Student Science Organization

New TWTA From AR Simulates Effect Of A Car Driving Through Radar

New Feature Extends TWTA Tube Life.

Newest Radiant Arrow Ideal for High Fields, Large EUT Testing.

High School Science Team Funded By Amplifier Research Wins First-Place Award In International Student Competition

AR's New Family Of Broadband Microwave Solid-State Amplifiers Sets New Industry Standards With Frequency Range Of 4.0 - 10.6 GHz