As an essential business, AR is continuing to operate and provide our customers with the service and support they need during this time. We take the health and safety of our employees very seriously and have additional measures in place to maintain a safe working environment.


AR Offers a Comprehensive
Product Warranty

The AR warranty is more than just a warranty. It's a promise, backed by a knowledgeable support team that's always there for you to help solve issues and answer questions, today and tomorrow. AR's support network is available worldwide for repairs and to help with technical issues. Our global service & support is another way to show you, we're with you all the way.

Our amplifiers (all parts excluding traveling wave and vacuum tubes), antennas, field monitors, field probes, field analyzers, field analyzer processor units, system controllers, system interlock, power meters, leak detectors, RF conducted probes, RF conducted clamps, Multi-tone, EMI receiver systems, RF down converters, RF conducted immunity systems, conducted immunity accessories, radiated immunity test systems, safety meters, safety sensor heads, tripods, directional couplers, waveguide adapters, termination loads, load attenuators, impedance stabilization networks, and coaxial cables will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of three (3) years from date of shipment. Traveling wave tubes, TWT amplifiers, and power heads have a one (1) year warranty.

Please see your equipment manual for a full statement of warranty conditions and limitations of liability.

For service in the US, contact AR Headquarters. Outside North America, contact your Local Distributor.