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Virtual Field Monitor Software for use with all 7000 Series probes and computer. IF7000 or IF7001 required for FP7000 or FH7000 series probes. Version 5.0. Windows compatible.
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The AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation Model VM7000 (Virtual Field Monitor) is a software utility which simultaneously controls and operates any combination of FL7000, PL7000, or FA7000 Series field probes. The VM7000 provides a graphical user interface that allows effortless control of all field probe functions, while clearly displaying field probe data and status. The VM7000 can control up to nine field probes through available RS-232, GPIB, or USB ports, using one port per field probe.

The VM7000 interfaces with FL7000 and PL7000, series kits using RS-232, GPIB or USB ports which are available on the FI7000. Interfacing with the FA7000 series kits is done via GPIB or USB on the processor unit. Interfacing with legacy FP7000 and FH7000 series field probes is done via a Model IF7000 fiber optic to RS-232 Interface, or Model IF7001 fiber optic to USB Interface.

The VM7000 can correct field probe readings at a user defined frequency, using a table of frequency response correction factors linked to a field probe by serial number. The VM7000 has several indicators that report on the status of the connected field probes.

Field strength data may be displayed in four ways: XYZ, Min/Max Avg, Min/Max Hold and Graphical. The XYZ display shows the X, Y, Z and composite readings of all enabled field probes. The Min/Max Avg display shows the minimum, maximum and average composite value from the current sample of all enabled field probes. The Min/Max Hold display shows the minimum and maximum composite values of all the enabled field probes. The Graphical display shows the composite values of all enabled field probes, or X, Y, Z and composite of a single channel plotted with respect to time.

Data Logging can be done either continuously or selectively. In either case, each sample logged will contain X, Y, Z, and composite data as well as a time stamp. Each active channel will save data into a separate tab-delimited text file.

The export classification for this equipment is EAR99. These commodities, technology or software are controlled for export in accordance with the U.S. Export Administration Regulations.