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50 Watt, 47 dB Gain, 0.7 - 6 GHz
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The Model 50HM1G6-47 is a compact, wideband, hybrid power amplifier module that covers 0.7-6 GHz. When used with a sweep generator, the Model 50HM1G6-47 provides a minimum of 50W of RF power instantaneously from 0.7-6 GHz with RFIN = 0dBm. Max RF input is 13 dBm.

The Model 50HM1G6-47 operates from a single DC voltage (+28V) and shuts off if the voltage exceeds 30V. It provides 55dB of typical small signal gain with excellent gain flatness, noise figure and low intermodulation distortion. It is designed to have low spurious output signals, high linearity and is extremely load tolerant which enables it to be used in many RF applications that require linearity, power and wide bandwidth. It is a 50 ohm, cascadable building block and can be used as a microwave power amplifier for both the military and commercial industries.

The amplifier circuitry is based on the latest developments in semiconductor device technology. The active devices are in chip form, eutectic-die attached and wire-bonded, providing solid-state reliability and long operating life. Special materials and process techniques were selected to achieve excellent thermo-dissipation and capability for meeting stringent military-environment test requirements. The module should be bolted to a heat sink for good heat dissipation and have a proper cooling fan to keep case temperature below 60°C. If case temperature exceeds 80°C, there will be a thermal shutdown to protect the module.

The export classification for this equipment is EAR99. These commodities, technology or software are controlled for export in accordance with the U.S. Export Administration Regulations. Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited.