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System Interlock
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The SI1000 System Interlock provides a means of interlocking up to 12 independent pieces of equipment and/or other SI1000 units through the use of relay contacts and a fiber optic output, which change state based on a single master interlock signal. The master interlock signal may be either a monitored switch state change or a fiber optic signal state change. The master interlock input signal and relay output signals can be wired either NO or NC. A front panel key switch enables the system and can be removed in the disabled position to lockout the system from accidental access. Interlock status is displayed on the front panel through the use of a bicolor (Red/Green) LED.

By using two SI1000 units, one configured for wired master interlock and one configured for fiber optic master interlock and a connecting fiber optic cable, a single switch outside an anechoic chamber (door closure switch) can be used to disable the RF generation of a system inside the chamber. Multiple units could be linked together either wired or fiber optically to expand the interlock system.

The SI1000 front panel also includes a main power (ON/OFF) switch and an emergency power off (EPO) switch. The outputs of these switches are routed to the rear panel of the interlock system and are provided for systems with power distribution systems with remote capability.