Field Analyzer - MultiStar - FA7000

FA7006/Kit (Discontinued)

Replacement Products:
FL8009/Kit - Laser-Powered Electric Field Probe Kit, 20 MHz – 9.3 GHz, 0.5 - 800 V/m, CW & Pulse

Electric Field Analyzer Kit, 100 kHz - 6 GHz, 9 - 900 V/m
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The FL7006/Kit includes the equipment listed below. The FI7000 is housed in a 19” wide by 3.5” (2U) high instrument case with a 1.75 (1U) high blank panel. Please see individual product specification sheets for details.

    Model FL7006/Kit Equipment List:
  • Model FL7006 Probe with carrying case and Calibration Report from an A2LA-accredited lab
  • Model FI7000 Probe Interface
  • Model FC7010 Fiber Optic Cable set for FL7000 Series probes, 10 meters
  • Model MA7000 Fiber Optic Mating Adapter Set

Note: FM7004A is recommended for local monitoring and control.