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Hybrid Modules (../images/strips/strip_hybrid_modules.jpg)

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Hybrid Power Modules Cover an Instantaneous BW
from 0.7 – 6 GHz In One Package

Hybrid Modules

Our line of 0.7 - 6 GHz Hybrid Power Module Products (HPMs) offer the ultimate in performance over this wide frequency range in one compact connectorized housing. This design can meet the stringent requirements of today’s military systems, and can also be price competitive to be used in various wireless applications. Both Class A and Class AB versions are available with output power levels up to 50 watts CW.

AR Has the Capabilities to Produce Cost-Effective, Custom-Designed HPM’s to Your Specs

Both military and commercial solutions can be provided to meet your specific need for high performance in a compact size. Connectorized modules or pallet type custom designs which can be integrated into higher order assemblies can also be a provided, giving you an alternative solution for even your most demanding applications.

Applications for our HPM’s are Limited Only by Your Imagination


Hybrid Power Modules At-a-Glance
HPM Model Frequency (GHz) Rated Power (Watts) Gain (dB) Input VSWR Output VSWR Harmonics @ P1dB
Noise Figure (dB) IP3 (dBm) DC (Volts) DC (Amps) Size (in)
Size (cm)
15HM1G6-44 * 0.7-6 15 44 2.0:1 2.0:1 -20 8.5 50 27 6 6.9x8.2x1.2 17.5x20.3x3
30HM1G6-45 * 0.7-6 30 45 2.0:1 2.0:1 -20 8.5 52 27 8.5 11.25x8.25x1.0 28.6x21x2.54
30HM1G6AB-45 ** 1-6 30 45 2.0:1 2.0:1 -20 8.5 46 28 8 6.9x8.2x1.2 17.5x20.3x3
50HM1G6AB-47 ** 1-6 50 47 2.0:1 2.0:1 -15 8.5 48 28 12 11.25x8.25x1.0 28.6x21x2.54
* Class A
** Class AB