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RF Conducted Immunity Test Systems

Complete Solutions For RF Conducted Immunity Testing.

The AR CI Systems are self-contained conducted immunity test systems that provide outstanding ease of use and flexibility. Because each system is contained in a single rack, setup issues are eliminated.

Among the features that set the CI Systems apart are:

  • Higher level of accuracy
  • Wider sensitivity range
  • Excellent speed
  • Ability to do margin testing
  • Automated Thresholding
  • EUT Monitoring capability
  • User friendly software
  • Predefined standards are included
  • Create custom tests and reports
  • With drivers furnished by AR, these systems can interface with a spectrum analyzer, if desired
  • CI00400 & CI00401 have 30dB pre-amp for monitoring low level signal tests (CS114 curve 1)

The CI Systems make it easy to conduct customized tests; and reports are generated directly into Microsoft® Word or Excel. The use of spectrum analyzers and monitoring equipment may also be controlled by the Lab-View based software that controls the system.

AR Components Can Be Used Independently
Each system includes a signal generator, power meter, 100 or 75 watt AR amplifier and control software. A larger amplifier can be connected to the system for special needs or if standards change.

The AR amplifier, signal generator and power meter are able to be used independently, apart from the system.

model description
CI00402 RF Conducted Immunity Generator with a 100 watt power amplifier with a frequency range of 9 kHz - 400 MHz. Includes a signal generator, spectrum analyzer, external directional coupler and AR emcware control software. Meets MIL-STD 461 and DO160 standards.