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Introducing the First Solid State
Single Band 0.7 to 6 GHz Amplifier

Now you can finally purchase the amplifier products you need to fulfill your wideband EMC and wireless applications in one amplifier. AR's amplifiers offer 15, 30, 60, 125, 250, 350 and 500 watt Class A linear power versions over an instantaneous BW from 0.7 to 6 GHz with very low harmonic distortion for your demanding requirements. These units can be driven with as little as 1 mW and provides excellent flatness across the operating frequency band in addition to excellent noise figure.

model description
15S1G6 15 Watts CW, 0.7 GHz - 6 GHz
30S1G6 30 Watts CW, 0.7 GHz - 6 GHz
60S1G6 60 Watt CW, 0.7 - 6 GHz
125S1G6 125 Watt CW, 0.7 - 6 GHz
250S1G6 250 Watt CW, 0.7 - 6 GHz
350S1G6 350 Watts CW, 0.7 GHz – 6GHz
500S1G6 500 Watts CW, 0.7 GHz – 6GHz

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