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Broadband Field Meter
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The SM40G broadband EM Field Meter provides measurement capability over a wide frequency (DC to 40 GHz) of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields when used with the appropriate sensor head. By selecting the appropriate sensor heads for the desired field types, frequency ranges, and power levels, a single meter with removable sensor heads can replace multiple fixed-head dedicated field measuring meters. Refer to the SHseries sensor head specification sheets for the available sensor heads.

The SM40G is housed within a durable metal shell with an integrated temperature sensor and GPS unit, provides X, Y, Z analog output and has a battery-life of more than 70 hours. It uses ARLinkwARe software for displaying measurements and data over the optical interface.

Multiple Monitoring and Data Logging The SM40G allows the user to perform continuous monitoring activities, with more than 24 hours of recording time, and to periodically store the measured values by activating a START/ STOP function.

The user can store up to 8 monitoring sequences/events before downloading the data to a PC. A maximum limit of 21,504 samples can be recorded.